About Us

pigDiscounts for Seniors was created in 2014 by a team of programmers and web developers who love to shop local and who know many older adults who prefer to patronize local businesses.

We found sites with “senior discounts” listings for national brands and chains, but none listing the large number of local business owners who provide discounts to older customers, showing their appreciation for seniors’ patronage.

We know many business owners care about older adult customers, and that many senior residents prefer to shop at local businesses. Our mission is to connect these two communities by developing an easy-to-use listing of all local businesses that provide older adult discounts and offers.

Discounts for Seniors is about more than saving money – it’s about curating community connections.

Seniors can sign up for FREE to receive immediate access to our list of thousands of local businesses with senior discounts.

Local businesses can register their discounts for FREE, demonstrating to the community their loyalty to and appreciation for older adult customers.